Clayton Moore was the first African American hired onto the Fostoria, Ohio police force in 1986. In 2008, the City of Fostoria claimed sixteen conduct violations against Moore and fired him. He challenged the decision, and the arbiter of the case—in a scathing rebuke against the City—reinstated Sgt. Moore who went on to serve for another ten years, retiring in 2018. Moore remains actively involved in his community and is the author of the forthcoming book Good Cop, Black Cop: Guilty until Proven Innocent.



Racial profiling. Police brutality. The Black Lives Matter movement. Defunding the police. In each of these present struggles, inner bias needs to be part of the conversation, Moore asserts.

“We all have inherent inner biases,” he says. “In order to resolve them, we have to identify and acknowledge them in the first place.”

“My mission is to create change,” says Moore, “change that relieves pain, gives hope, and empowers people, regardless of their color, to do something. This book is an invitation to stand up, kneel down, or reach out in some way to people you may not have otherwise, and to view the world through a lens that acknowledges but does not judge the color of a person’s skin.”

With “Good Cop, Black Cop,” Clayton Moore is opening the door for respectful dialogue on matters of racial equality and injustice in both communities and law enforcement.

Communication expert, speaker, and retired police sergeant Clayton Moore is the author of “Good Cop, Black Cop: Guilty Until Proven Innocent.” The book shares Moore’s battle with and victory over racial discrimination as the first black officer in a small-town USA police force.



“I have witnessed and experienced many things as a citizen of the world, but I have never understood the depth and range of human vision surrounded by sheer pain until reading Good Cop, Black Cop. Simply brilliant and relevant to this moment in history! A must-read.”

Lord Sam Orum

CEO & Founder of 1Voice Worldwide

“Clayton Moore provides a highly engaging and personal account of his experiences as the first African-American police officer in a small town with big city problems. His own fight for justice reveals a great deal about race relations in the United States, making it an essential book in these turbulent times.”

Robert Alexander, PhD., Director

Institute for Civics and Public Policy at Ohio Northern University

“Clayton Moore’s Good Cop, Black Cop is a real-life story riddled with lies, conspiracy, bigotry, implicit biases, a fall from grace, evidence, case files, suggestions, solutions, strength, perseverance, faith, and fortitude. It’s all in there! No matter your race, background, or preference, at the end you’re left staring at the person in the mirror asking yourself some very important life questions.”

Angel A. D. Tucker, Officer, Oregon, Ohio Police Department

Certified Instructor in the Midwest for Tactical Communication; Certified Instructor: Blue Coverage, Below 100, and Bridges Out of Poverty

“Clayton Moore’s reality is powerful, eye opening and disappointing at the same time as he takes readers through his life of a small town Sports Hero to a black man looked down upon over lies told about him. Good Cop he definitely was, but being a Black Cop put him in a trap that almost ruined his life. Everyone needs to read this TRUTH!”

Chetaun Smith, Author

"You've Got the Job, Now What? A How-to Guide to Landing the Job and Keeping it."


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